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Seven Speed Hand Mixer & Egg Beater

Seven Speed Hand Mixer & Egg Beater

Seven Speed Hand Mixer & Egg Beater

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Some might think that baking is all hard work and sweat. The strength needed to whisk those eggs and butter, the mess form mixing in the flour is just too much to deal with. Though, if you just love baking away mouth-watering cakes, cookies, breads, scones and other treats in your little heaven of kitchen, you’d do it anyway. But hey, why go through all that when you have Hand Mixer. You can now stand back, relax and let Hand Mixer mix it for you!

Mix Away
Hand Mixer is powered with 7 mixing speed levels which enable you to whisk, whip, and mix your batter or food accordingly and perfectly without any mess or spills. Its ergonomic shape makes it easy for to hold them without it causing your hand to ache. 
No Mess Is the Best.

Hand Mixer has 4 interchangeable special beaters to help you mix up your different dough or batter easily. From mixing cake batter, whisking egg for that morning scramble or making that scrumptious cookie, Hand Mixer has all the special mixing head to do just anything for you. And on the plus side, it is easy to clean too


  • 7 speed
  • Material: ABS, stainless steel
  • Voltage: 220V 50HZ
  • Powerful, compact
  • Power:180W


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