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Push-up Board Rack (9-In-1)

Push-up Board Rack (9-In-1)

Push-up Board Rack (9-In-1)

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Exercise can help you boost your immune system and also muscles strength. Doing proper exercise is a tough job, you need time, trainer, and lots of effort to go from home to gym.

Now Our 9 in 1 Pushup Board can be your personal trainer at home and provide you with accurate exercise without the help of any trainer. The rack has holes and handles to shift from one exercise to another and with just push up it allows you to do exercise for all Chest exercises, all Shoulder exercises, Biceps, Triceps, Back and your Core. The color pairing won’t let you confuse with the adjustments as... 
Red is for shoulder exercise, 
green for Triceps, 
Blue for Chest, and 
Yellow is for all your back exercises.

A perfect GIFT for all fitness lovers.


  • No need for a gym membership, when you can work out from home
  • Develop Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Back and core muscles all at one place
  • Multicolor pairs to distingue between the selection will help you understand the perfect fit overboard
  • Premium quality grip and material
  • Easy to move and provide multiple exercises at one place like a personal gym
  • Can be presented as GIFT to all fitness lovers


  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 59.9cm (Length) x 18cm (Width) x 2cm (Breadth)

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